September 10, 2020

Living Real With Three Wise Guys: Kenny Bingham, Rick Shull, & Cliff Springs

I'm deeply honored to be sitting around the counter at Genesis' Studios for this episode, picking the brains of some very wise guys. How often does one get to sit down with three men of integrity, faith, and influence and talk about real faith? Now, these guys are not perfect (I know their wives are shouting an Amen on that), but they are certainly full of experience and wisdom. They all own their own businesses, are family men, spiritual leaders in their church, and servants in the community. They also lead a large Sunday School class every week (some have even noted it's the size of a small church). One of these men is also my husband, Rick, and I'm so honored to have him joining me for a LR podcast episode.

Why would three men with so many other responsibilities put in hours of studying God's Word to teach it to others week in and week out?

What drives these men to be so committed?

With all of them having been involved in politics in some form or fashion, what is their message to each of us, and why is it important to be involved?

Join me in this unique round table discussion. I will also be posting a video of our conversation on our Living Real Facebook page @LivingRealMag. I thought it might be fun to watch their interaction with each other. Lots of fun!

Keepin' it Real,


P.S. A special thank-you to Cliff Springs for recording this session at his place of business, Genesis Studios.

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